Guitar synth sound sample

Quick and dirty recording of the guitar synth prototype.
The prototype is very sensitive and noisy on the breadboard, so recording is somewhat fiddly. I go through random combinations of interval, octave and waveform. One of the channels is fixed at unity octave.

One channel set at unity interval, unity octave and sawtooth. The other channel is set at squarewave, unity octave. I go through all the intervals.

3 kommentarer:

  1. that sounds incredible!!

  2. Cool! you can still hear the PLL locking in. Or is that intentional?

    1. Not really. But it's very easy to tune the loop filter to get a fast freq.-lock without sacrificing stability/tracking. The newer circuit locks faster than the VCA reacts. So you can't hear the PLL sweep from quiescent/center freq. when picking. Could add a knob for it as well, but I'm trying very hard to fight the feature-creeping :)