Work has been on hold for a while, since my computer violently died on me a while back. Though primarily traumatic and frightening, offline/"real"-life helped force me into doing more (still not anywhere near enough) of my LEAST favorite part of this hobby; drilling, sawing, measuring and painting enclosures..

I've experimented with a new finishing technique involving plexiglass.
Apart from improving the appearance of the effects I build, my main goal was making the finish bombproof and rugged enough to be kicked around.
If it's as durable as it seems to be, I'll be using this technique on future builds.
I'll have to do some more neanderthal-testing to make sure..

Since a laptop found it's way into my possession, work on the Crescendrive is once again under way. The buffering and routing is all laid out and I'm doing some final testing and tweaking. You simply can't own enough breadboards!

Crescendrive Prototype

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