Crescendrive (and flame war-catalyst?)

Emil, guitarist of rock'n'roll-trio "Crescendolls" asked me to build him a overdrive similar to the 'Greedtone overdrive'. 
I looked it up and it surprises me that people pay so much for so little. 
The build quality is.. Well, see for yourself.

I added a picture of something I built at age 10 to the left for comparison..
build quality, 10-year-old kid vs. greedtone $299.95 overdrive

As I see it, this pedal is clearly not worthy to be cloned.. 

So, I started out with the same basic circuit as the 'Greedtone';
the popular Craig Anderton CMOS-inverter distortion, and went from there.
The prototype sounds really good for what it is (I don't like drive/dist.-pedals at all..)
It adds just a tiny bit of gain/saturation and has plenty of available volume-boost on tap.

Emil wanted two 'channels' with separate gain- and volume-controls. 
I'm currently designing the buffering, switching and signal routing for the two channels.
Stay tuned for more!

Check out Crescendolls at;

3 kommentarer:

  1. The left one is probably made in papa's home folding machine; nice work though. Any samples?

  2. Samples of the right one of course, that's the right one :)

  3. i have no memory whatsoever of building that box..

    i'll record some samples of the right one (which is pictured to the left) asap!