FEEDER - active feedbacklooper w/ modulation

'FEEDER' - MK #1 (scrapped) demo
Most available feedbackloopers are passive and very difficult to control.
I've been developing an upgraded, active feedbacklooper for some time.
Made especially with delay and ambient soundscapes in mind.

This is a somewhat dated video of me toying with the very first build.
The signal path is fully buffered when the loop is active. 
Main bypass is "true" (hardwired) bypass. Video captions explain some features.
I am currently working on a new version which is a whole lot different,
more advanced, predictable  and useful in a band context..
I'm confident it will become THE feedbacklooper. Details to come!
First (and last) build of the 1st version 'feeder';

2 kommentarer:

  1. kan man förbeställa en redan nu? :]

  2. ja, det går väl bra. antar jag, haha.

    det kommer att ta tid att få den klar.
    jag har bara skissat än så länge, inte gjort någon prototyp.

    kan inte sluta lägga till funktioner och krångla till det.. ocd.